Drill down on dimension values

We aim with Qloudstat to provide much better insights than what static reports of access logs can give. We are thrilled to announced today a major milestone with support for two dimensional queries that allow to drill down on a dimension value and plot these against a second dimension to visualize the combined metrics.

The query interface allows to specify filters on both the primary and drill down dimensions:

To illustrate this we select all URIs with Hits and Completed Download metrics that that had a 404 HTTP status code returned.

Other use cases that come into mind are to plot the combinations of URIs and operating systems in a table and compare the user agents accessing the resource over time in a line chart. Or for CloudFront, you can analyze which edge locations were accessed from which country. Or to get technical, you can plot the HTTP operations against the HTTP response code sent to the client.

Open an account and try it with our own data set!