Distribution of metrics per hour

Qloudstat offers a resolution of all metrics by day. To give you an idea how these are distributed over a given day we now additionally plot a graph of accumulated hits per hour to give you a better insight of access characteristics over the day.

Additionally you can now also display the timeline with a resolution of weeks or months if you want a more generic view of time data.

Choose a Logging Target

We want to share the following best practice when configuring a S3 bucket or CloudFront distribution for logging.

  • The logging target should be another S3 bucket than the origin. Otherwise your report will include requests for log files delivered by Amazon and download requests for log files.
  • Use a different logging target bucket for every S3 bucket and CloudFront distribution. Or at least choose a different logging target prefix. This will help Qloudstat to fetch your log files more efficiently.

You can use Cyberduck or the AWS Console to set up the logging configuration.