Choose a Logging Target

We want to share the following best practice when configuring a S3 bucket or CloudFront distribution for logging.

  • The logging target should be another S3 bucket than the origin. Otherwise your report will include requests for log files delivered by Amazon and download requests for log files.
  • Use a different logging target bucket for every S3 bucket and CloudFront distribution. Or at least choose a different logging target prefix. This will help Qloudstat to fetch your log files more efficiently.

You can use Cyberduck or the AWS Console to set up the logging configuration.

Tool of choice for Cloudfiles Akamai CDN

Qloudstat is part of the cloud tools ecosystem supporting the Rackspace cloud beside Amazon (AWS) and Google Storage and today prominently featured as a cloud tool application of choice.

When adding a configuration for Rackspace CloudfilesQloudstat supports both the US and UK API endpoints. Just choose from the drop down menu where your account is set up.