Monitoring with threshold alerts

We are constantly working on the feature set of Qloudstat and today we are introducing new monitoring capabilities that are very useful when you need to track the usage of resources served by Amazon S3 or a CDN.

Qloudstat now allows to configure alerts for a given lower or upper threshold triggered by a dimension and metric. Optionally a filter for the dimension value can be set. Once the threshold for the given period is reached you will get notified by email. The next alert will only be sent again after the period has been elapsed. The accumulation for the configured dimension and metric is reset after each period.

Monitoring threshold with alerts


Consider the following usage scenarios where this becomes very useful:

  • Alert when the cost per month reaches a certain limit imposed for a country.
  • Get an alert for 404 HTTP error codes to get notified as soon as possible when you tried to serve a broken link.
  • Get notified when a file is no more downloaded with a lower limit and a filter for the URI dimension.

There is no limit for the number of alerts and they can be configured for daily, weekly or monthly periods.