Partial Transfer Metric

Qloudstat supports a partial transfer metric for S3 and Rackspace Cloudfiles/Akamai endpoints. We determine partial transfers as follows:

  • S3. Log files for S3 include the actual transmitted number of bytes. If it differs from the content length the request is counted as partial.
  • Rackspace Cloudfiles. Partial transfer counts are based on a feature by Akamai CDN that marks transfers interrupted by the client with a 000 status code in the log file.

These are also taken into account when counting bandwidth and transfer cost metrics.

Support for Rackspace/Akamai Streaming Logs

Containers in Rackspace Cloudfiles have both a download and streaming CDN URL to distribute content. Log events from the HTTP streaming URL for both US and UK containers are now supported in Qloudstat and give an overview of streaming events triggered by clients (such as connect, play, stop and disconnect) for a given URI with hits and bandwidth metrics. No configuration change is required for your existing endpoints.

Tool of choice for Cloudfiles Akamai CDN

Qloudstat is part of the cloud tools ecosystem supporting the Rackspace cloud beside Amazon (AWS) and Google Storage and today prominently featured as a cloud tool application of choice.

When adding a configuration for Rackspace CloudfilesQloudstat supports both the US and UK API endpoints. Just choose from the drop down menu where your account is set up.