Elastic Load Balancer Support

Amazon has just announced support for access logs of their Elastic Load Balancers (ELB). We have already added the configuration option for ELB in Qloudstat. Choose Add Amazon Elastic Load Balancer Configuration on your configuration page making sure the IAM user you create for Qloudstat has the required permissions. Just copy and paste the IAM policy statements that are displayed when entering the user credentials in Qloudstat.

ELB Setup

We support URI, geographical location, service provider, query string, HTTP operation and backend status code dimensions with hits, bandwidth, cost and turnaround time metrics. The turnaround time metric allows you to graph the backend processing time by URI with drill down options by country, HTTP operation, HTTP status code and and query string dimensions.

HTTP Status Code response time metrics

Turnaround time and total request processing time for URIs by HTTP Status code from the backend server.

Turnaround Time by Country

Turnaround time by Country.