Retention Options

We now offer new retention options for custom plans. For historical and recurring subscription with a plan quota size above our Enterprise offering one can choose between 12, 24 and 36 months.

Custom plan retention period

A lower retention time gives a substantial discount to our regular pricing as it drives down our storage costs. Try our calculator for an offer based on your current log volume.


Partial Transfer Metric

Qloudstat supports a partial transfer metric for S3 and Rackspace Cloudfiles/Akamai endpoints. We determine partial transfers as follows:

  • S3. Log files for S3 include the actual transmitted number of bytes. If it differs from the content length the request is counted as partial.
  • Rackspace Cloudfiles. Partial transfer counts are based on a feature by Akamai CDN that marks transfers interrupted by the client with a 000 status code in the log file.

These are also taken into account when counting bandwidth and transfer cost metrics.