Updated look & feel for reports

We have updated the dashboard and reports for analytics of the different dimensions and metrics with a simpler user interface.

  • Topmost you find the totals for all metrics for the selected time span including the change in percent to the previous period prominently placed below the endpoint name.

Total of metrics with change

  • The redesigned look has much less navigation overhead. Instead of a navigation menu taking screen real estate, a dropdown selector allows to quickly select the dimension you are interested in such as the URI, country or user agent. Use the tabs to switch between metrics.

Dimension and Metric Selection

  • Further down above the table listing the dimension values you can select the maximum size of the query result set. To search for specific dimension values, enter a glob pattern (Such as  *.jpg for the URI dimension or 20? for the HTTP Status Code) to only include rows with dimension values that match the input. As always, all charts have an export option to download the full result set as a spreadsheet.

Query Options

  • Scroll down for the line chart with the metric values by time (day, week or month) or a column chart showing the distribution by hours over the queried time period. Select dimension values in the table to compare these with the total.

Timeline with Filter

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks. We will always refine the user interface based on customer feedback. And most notably we have drill down support coming to give insights by combining queries with a second dimension.